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Jimmy Wagner (Owner)


My family has been farming here in Corrales for the last 100 years. You could say that farming is in my blood. I grew up working in the fields day in and day out for as long as I can remember and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. It is such an amazing experience to be able to nurture plants to grow and produce food for not only myself but many people around me. There is nothing better than to be able to enjoy the outdoors and nature. That’s why my wife and I decided that we should share this. Not only did we want to share our farming culture but we wanted it to be fun. We wanted to let everyone have a chance to experience the feeling of being outside, on a farm and having a blast. We hope you enjoy your time spent here!!

Roxanne Wagner (Owner)


I grew up in Albuquerque with my mom and 6 sisters. From a young age my mom taught us all how to work hard and give our all in everything we do. I couldn’t thank her enough for all the wonderful traits that were passed down to us. I am so happy that my path crossed with jimmy those years ago because we share a lot of the same values. We both are so passionate about what we do. When raising our 4 kids, we saw how fortunate they were because they got to experience everything behind the scenes. They saw how their food was grown and spent so much time outdoors-where the real magic happens. That’s when we were inspired to share it with anyone and everyone. We wanted to show how important it is to connect with nature which is so hard to do in this day and age. To be able to experience farming this puts on a whole new perspective but we also wanted to make it fun. That’s where we came up with Wagner’s Farmland Experience and our motto is: Experience farming: It's down to earth fun!

Geri Gutierrez-clerical assistant


I am Geri and am happy to assist with group scheduling and telephone inquiries from callers. I am also there to make sure your school gets checked in smoothly when you arrive at the farm. It is such a joy to see the familiar faces of people who visit us year after year and to finally meet the people I talk to on the phone.